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our ethos is set in stone

Sustainable Packaging

We will always use sustainable packaging materials where available which is why all of our plastic bottles are 100% recyclable and any card we use is either recycled or from sustainable forests. We are working hard to remove all plastic from our packaging.

No artificial colours

Using naturally sourced raw materials is important to us. We will avoid adding unnecessary ingredients as standard, but if we need to add a colour to our products, they will always be natural.

No Artificial Preservatives

Like with the the colours, if we need to use preservatives they will always be natural. If using a natural preservative means we can't produce a stable product, we won't switch to synthetic, we just won't launch the product.

Palm Oil Free

We will not contribute to the destruction of rainforests, which is why you won't find any Palm Oil in any of our products. In many supplements, the lubricant/anti-caking agent used (typically magnesium stearate) is derived from Palm Oil.

Scientifically Developed

This is at the core of everything we do. We want our products to work so each ingredient is included in our products only if there is a solid scientific reason for it being there.

Plant Based Capsules

All of our People products will be in plant based two-piece capsules or softgels. Animal welfare is important to us so we will only use animal derived ingredients when absolutely essential to the efficacy of the product.

GMO Free

We want to keeps things natural, so all of our products are GMO free. We will not invest in this type of farming practice.

Gluten free

We try to formulate without any ingredients that directly contain allergens or may contain allergens from manufacturing cross contamination. However, as many people suffer with gluten allergy or intolerance, you won't find any in our products.

Dairy Free

This one ticks two boxes! Our dairy free pledge is based on both human and animal welfare. Many people actively avoid dairy based ingredients due to digestive issues so we don't use them for that reason. We also dont want any unnecessary animal derived ingredients.

Trusted Brands

Our products are formulated using scientifically researched patented raw materials. This ensures that when you invest in our products, you get the most efficacious supplements available. 

Any Questions?

We welcome all feedback both good and bad. We love to hear about how our products have helped you or your pets but we also need to know how we can improve. 

Please get in touch! 

About us

At Efficaci, we want to look after people, pets and the planet. This means we have committed to only launching the most efficacious products, backed by solid scientific research using patented raw materials and packaged in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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